Download Google Earth Pro for Free

My Maps Pro is available for free and now Google Earth Pro is also free. Google Earth's business version can be downloaded from this page and you need a free license key, which is sent by email. It's worth pointing out that a Google Earth Pro license used to cost about $400 per year.

Google Earth Pro has a lot of advanced features that aren't available in the regular Google Earth: 

* premium data layers for the US: demographic, parcel and traffic
* advanced GIS data importing features
* measure area, radius and circumference on the ground
* print high-resolution screenshot
* movie maker: record and save 3D imagery
* no more ads

"Over the last 10 years, businesses, scientists and hobbyists from all over the world have been using Google Earth Pro for everything from planning hikes to placing solar panels on rooftops. Google Earth Pro has all the easy-to-use features and detailed imagery of Google Earth, along with advanced tools that help you measure 3D buildings, print high-resolution images for presentations or reports, and record HD movies of your virtual flights around the world," informs Google.

More Related Images in Google Image Search

When you select a result in Google Image Search, you can now see more related images. Google used to display 8 related images, but now there are 7 related images and a "view more" option that shows a long list of similar images.

If you spot an image you like, it's now easier to find related images. 

You can also use the "search by image" feature and click "visually similar images" to find images that closely resemble the search result you've picked.